UTZ and RSPO certificates


What is it

UTZ is a non-profit organization that seeks to achieve sustainable agriculture to improve the living conditions of farmers and their families in productive areas, and in passing the conservation of the environment by applying agricultural techniques Respectful and sustainable.

UTZ is a protocol that not only applies to the agricultural production of coffee, cocoa and tea, but also to all intermediate processes until the product reaches the final consumer. Therefore, you can certify the agricultural producers of origin, but also the intermediaries (buyers and companies that make some transformation), and food manufacturing companies that use certified products as ingredients.

All this information is managed through the web portal called "goodinside portal".

The UTZ Protocol is formed by a set of Standards, for each crop and according to the "Code of Conduct" or "Chain of Custody".

In this case, the UTZ logo does reach the final consumers, because it is intended to be more and more demanded in favor of sustainable agriculture and in order to improve the living conditions of farmers and their families, and protection of the environment, and therefore, contribute to a better world.

Logotipo UTZ

Some of the brands that support the UTZ certification are:

logotipo Mars
logotipo Ahold
logotipo Ikea
logotipo Nestle
logotipo Migros
logotipo tchi


What is it

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) is an organization focused on the sustainable production of palm oil, so that it is economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially beneficial to producers. It originated in 2004 with the aim of providing a model of sustainable management in local oil palm plantations, since its production with food uses had increased dramatically in recent years.

The objective of RSPO is to promote the use of sustainable palm oil through cooperation within the supply chain and an open dialogue among its shareholders

The members and participants of the RSPO come from a number of groups that include

  • Oil palm growers
  • Manufacturers and retailers of palm oil product
  • Non-governmental environmental organizations
  • Non-governmental civil society organizations

The certificate is valid for 5 years, with annual surveillance audits.

To whom are they addressed? Who can be certified?

  • Code of Conduct: Agricultural producers of coffee, tea and cocoa, both independent and producer associations
  • Chain of Custody: intermediary brokers, coffee / cocoa / tea processing companies (for example, producers of cocoa butter from cocoa seeds, or manufacturers of cocoa liquor, chocolate chips, etc.), manufacturing companies that use certified ingredients (for example, chocolate chip companies, coffee cream manufacturers, etc.)
  • RSPO: Agricultural producers of palm oil, brokers, intermediaries and manufacturing companies that use palm oil as a certified ingredient (for example, manufacturers of cookies, prepared foods, etc.)
Logotipo RSPO

How Qualyment can help you

Qualyment Innovación S.L. has experience in the implementation of UTZ and RSPO in manufacturing companies from different sectors.

  • Development and implementation of UTZ and RSPO
  • Development of the necessary manuals and documentation
  • Training of relevant personnel and operators
  • Development of environmental improvement plans
  • Preparation of social improvement plans
  • Performance of Internal Audits
  • Resolution of the deviations detected in the internal audits.
  • Support during Certification Audits
  • Support in the resolution of the deviations detected during the Certification Audits.
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Labeling control

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