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What is it and who can be certified

Consultancy on quality and food safety

Tesco Nurture is a private standard of British origin based on Good Agricultural Practices (BPA's) together with an environmentally responsible production.

Tesco Nurture, formerly known as Tesco Nature's Choice, is a requirement, which must be fulfilled by all the fruit and vegetable suppliers of Tesco's supermarkets.

Tesco Nurture, adds to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) established by GlobalG.AP, specific requirements of environmental control, management of energy resources, protection of the environment through its fauna and flora and makes producers acquire an active commitment in the improvement of the agricultural environment.

Tesco Nurture demands greater control in the use of phytosanitary products, establishing lists of permitted products that are more restrictive than those established by the administrations of the various productive countries, including the European Union.

In the same way, Tesco Nurture urges producers to establish specific activities for the control, management and reduction of energy resources used in their farms. It also encourages suppliers of fruits and vegetables from Tesco Supermarkets to implement actions aimed at protecting the fauna and flora of the environment they occupy.

What can be certified? Crops, either through independent producers, or through producer associations.

How Qualyment can help you

Qualyment Innovation S.L. It helps both individual farmers and producer organizations to implement, manage and surpass all the requirements demanded by Tesco Nurture in each and every one of the phases:

  • Implementation of the requirements demanded by Tesco Nurture
  • Development of the necessary manuals and documentation
  • Training of Farmers and Operators in BPAs, Tesco requirements
  • Periodic checks of compliance with Tesco Nurture requirements
  • Inspections and / or Internal Audits to farmers and producer groups.
  • Resolution of the deviations detected in the internal audits.
  • Support during the Certification Audit.
  • Support in the resolution of the deviations detected during the Certification Audits.
  • Agronomic monitoring of the crop
  • Preparation of analytical sampling plans
  • Labeling review
  • Revision of chemical products warehouses and machinery
  • Preparation of Environmental and Energy Management Plans

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