Collective restoration and food security

What is collective restoration? Collective catering is understood as an activity whose objective is to provide food to a group of consumers who have similar characteristics, be they universities, schools, residences, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc. Populations destiny of collective restoration I..

RASFF Rapid Alerts System for Food and Feed - Safety food

RASFF Rapid Alerts System for Food and Feed - Safety food The European Early Warning System (RASFF), Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, was created in 1979, and made available to the entire population in 2014. RASFF is a tool to ensure that when risks to public health are detected , related t..

Food Safety Vs Food Hygiene

Food Safety Vs Food Hygiene The first thing that should be taken into account when talking about food safety and food hygiene is that they are two different terms, although they are complementary. We understand Food Safety as a set of strategies that ensure both physical and economic access ..

The Gluten and the Celiaquia

What is gluten? And the celiac disease? Gluten is a protein present in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye, triticale, spelled, some varieties of oats, as well as their hybrids and derivatives. Nutritionally it is a protein of low biological value, however, it has a high technological value beca..

What is vegan food?

VEGAN FOOD The concept of veganism consists in a rejection of the use of products that come from non-human animals, whether for food, clothing, cosmetics, medicines, etc. Except pets. The term vegan was born in 1944 to differentiate it from vegetarianism, which at the nutritional level accepts ..

Sugar in Food, labeling and Top 10 foods with more sugar

SUGARS What are sugars? Sugars are carbohydrates, among the most common we can differentiate them into monosaccharides (Glucose, fructose, galactose ...) and disaccharides (sucrose, lactose, maltose ...) Sucrose, commonly called sugar, is a disaccharide formed by a glucose molecule attached..

What is IFS HPC? Safety regulations in Cosmetics, personal care products and domestic hygiene

IFS-HPC: Currently we spend an average of 70 minutes a week to make our purchases at home. It is increasingly common to see consumers in front of the linear studying food labels and checking their ingredients. We often find these consumers in the butcher, pastry, dairy and any other foo..

Coronavirus and Food

Coronavirus and Food We are currently facing a global health crisis. Coronavirus is a new respiratory virus that emerged in Wuhan, China and has spread across the globe. Due to its geographical expansion and contagion capacity, the WHO has declared this outbreak as a pandemic. We are..

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