Preparation of technical sheets

Preparation of technical sheets

What is it

The Technical Data Sheet or Food Specification is a channel of communication between the manufacturer and the customer that does not usually reach the final consumer, but where a summary of all the relevant information related to the food is collected, part of which is subsequently transferred to the product label.

The specifications must be clear and concise, and contain all relevant information expressed clearly and that does not give rise to error or ambiguities.

If this information is also offered in a format that visually identifies the information quickly and schematically, they are much more effective.

usually the information they should contain is the following, but not limited to:

  • Product name and sales denomination
  • Photo
  • Available formats
  • List of ingredients
  • Type of packaging
  • Expiration date / best before
  • Mode of preservation
  • How the end consumer should use it
  • Declaration of allergens
  • Nutrition declaration
  • Manufacturing process or treatments to which the product has been subjected
  • Physical-chemical and microbiological parameters that meets
  • Applicable regulations
  • Logistic sheet
  • Logos that appear on the label
  • Manufacturer information
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How Qualyment can help you

Qualyment Innovación S.L. has extensive experience in the revision of texts and labels presented to the final consumer.

  • Compilation of relevant legislation for each product
  • Preparation of Technical Data Sheets / Product specifications
  • Information on all the minimum information to be contained on a label

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