Controlled by FACE and ELS

Controlled by FACE and ELS

What is it and who can be certified

FACE is the Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain, whose objective is to coordinate the member associations in order to defend the rights of celiac people.

The Guarantee Mark "Controlled by FACE" is a Food Safety protocol focused on guaranteeing that certified products contain < 10 ppm of gluten, which makes them suitable for people with celiac disease (gluten intolerant) .

It is a protocol focused on preventing the presence of gluten in certified products, which has numerous analytical checks carried out in laboratories accredited by ENAC and authorized by FACE.

ELS represented by the symbol of the Barred Ear, internationally recognized to identify gluten-free products, is a European protocol that guarantees that certified products meet the maximum content of < 20 ppm of gluten. This protocol is very useful for those companies that export their certified products to the European Union. If they are also exported outside the EU, the ELS protocol has international recognition, but in this case, the Certification Entity that carries out the audit must be an English Entity, which is the only one authorized.

To whom are they addressed? Who can be certified?

  • FACE: Manufacturers of gluten-free foods whose products are destined to the Spanish market.
  • ELS: Manufacturers of gluten-free foods whose products are destined for the EU market, and outside the EU (in this case, the English Certification Organization).

Both protocols can be certified together.

Logotipo Controlado por FACE Controlado por FACE

How Qualyment can help you

Qualyment Innovación S.L. has experience in the implementation of the Guarantee Mark "Controlled by FACE" and "ELS".

  • Development and implementation of FACE and ELS
  • Development of the necessary manuals and documentation
  • Classification of raw materials and analytical sampling plan
  • Analytical sampling plan for raw materials and finished products
  • Training of relevant staff and operators
  • Performance of Internal Audits
  • Resolution of the deviations detected in the Internal Audits
  • Support during Certification Audits
  • Support in the resolution of the deviations detected during the Certification Audits.
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Labeling control

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