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What is it and who can be certified

BRC is a Food Safety Protocol leader in the sector, and internationally formed by a group of Standards applicable to different sectors of the food chain.

It originated in 1998 in England, and since then it has evolved to the international standard that is today, called the World Food Safety Standard, of recognized international prestige, being Spain one of the countries with the highest number of certified companies in the world in feeding:

(Source BRC)
(Source BRC)

The purpose of the World Food Safety Standard is to guarantee the quality of products, food safety and compliance with good practices, in order to ensure that manufacturers comply with their legal obligations, achieving the protection of the final consumer.

It is often a requirement of retail chains and major retailers to require their suppliers of branded products to be certified.


Benefits of the implementation and certification of the BRC World Food Safety Standard

  • It has international recognition and meets the requirements of GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative):
  • Accredited audits carried out by Certification Entities authorized by BRC and independent, which give credibility to the certification process.
  • The number of client audits is reduced when the certificate is obtained.
  • Includes topics of Quality, Food Safety and Legality
  • It is based on the principles of the Codex Alimentarius for the evaluation of the HACCP system (
  • Certified companies can demand compliance with the requirements of the Standard to their suppliers to ensure the entire supply chain.
  • The certified companies appear in the BRC Directory, which has a public and private part with more information for the manufacturer and for the companies that authorize it to consult it:
  • BRC makes available to manufacturers a wide range of announced and unannounced audit options in order to demonstrate compliance with applicable requirements and meet the expectations of its customers.
  • In case of deviations, it is necessary to confirm that effective corrective actions are being taken.
  • Through the control to the Certification Entities, it is possible to guarantee that the system is RELIABLE and ROBUST.

What can be certified?

BRC is a flexible Standard, which offers a series of voluntary modules that can be designed on demand to collect, for example, specific customer requirements in aspects of product quality, environmental protection, social responsibility, food defense, chain of custody, marketing of products made by third parties, animal feed, etc.

BRC has developed a series of World Standards applicable to different areas of the food chain to ensure it completely, as well as for consumer products.

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Establishes the requirements for the manufacture of processed foods and the preparation of primary products with retailer's brand, branded food products and food products or ingredients intended for food service companies, catering companies and food manufacturers, including vitamins and herbal products .

In addition, for those companies that are certified for the first time and do not reach the level of certification, BRC offers the Global Markets Program so that they can demonstrate that they continue to be developed, but subjected to audits in accordance with a series of requirements of the Standard. for a basic and intermediate level, before obtaining the BRC Certificate.

The World Food Safety Standard BRC-Food is organized in the following chapters:

  • The World Food Safety Standard BRC-Food is organized in the following chapters:
  • HACCP Food Security Plan
  • Food Quality and Safety Management System
  • Law about Facilities
  • Product Control
  • Process control
  • Staff


Distribución de Certificados por Categoría de Productos (fuente BRC) Distribution of Certificates by Product Category (source BRC)
Logo BRC Packaging

BRC-Packaging (Packaging and Packaging Materials)

Establishes the requirements for the manufacture of packaging materials for food products and consumer products. Food manufacturers may require this Certificate from their suppliers of packaging materials.

Logo BRC Storage and distribution

BRC-Storage and Distribution

It establishes the requirements for companies dedicated to storage, distribution, wholesale and outsourced services for packaged and non-packaged food products, packaging materials and consumer products.

Logo BRC Consumer Products

BRC-Consumer products

It establishes the requirements applicable to manufacturers of non-food consumer products, for example bodycare (gel, shampoo, etc.).

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It establishes the requirements for those companies dedicated to the purchase and sale of products, but that are not responsible for their manufacture or packaging.

How Qualyment can help you

All the companies that have trusted us have achieved certification

See our services:

  • Implementation of the requirements demanded bythe BRC World Food Safety Standard
  • Training of Staff in charge of the System
  • Periodic checks of compliance with the requirements ofBRC
  • Resolution of the deviations detected in the internal audits.
  • Support in the resolution of the deviations detected during the Certification Audits.
  • Labeling review
  • Development of the necessary manuals and documentation
  • We offer official training courses to Certification Auditors, Manufacturers, Internal Auditors, Consultants, etc. with the possibility of issuing official BRC Training Certificates since we are authorized Trainers (ATP) as can be seen in the following link
  • Performance of Internal Audits
  • Support during the Certification Audit.
  • Preparation of analytical sampling plans

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